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    Scrubby scale - (1 to 10 - soft to aggressive)  5

    This soap has been through many name changes, but the quality never changes. It started as Harvest Moon, but people just begged for it at Christmas, so it was decided to be renamed Winter Spice, but alas everyone wanted it for summer, so it became Summer Spice. Anise Spice seems to describe the scent best, so currently, it is Magellan's Gift™ Soap scented with Anise Spice! 

    This is another scrubby bar of soap that Magellan's Gift™ creates using ground rose-hips!  It has a strong scent of anise with a bit of clove and a hint of orange.  It is used as a whole body soap for those who like a vigorous scrub for getting clean.  It is also loved by cooks who use it at the kitchen sink.  Hunters, fishermen and those that love folklore, think that anise attracts fish and deer.  We don't hunt, so who are we to disagree?


    Olive oil, distilled water, sustainable organic palm oil, coconut oil, food grade sodium hydroxide, castor oil, avocado oil, evening primrose oil, fragrance (blend of pure essential oils - orange, anise & clove featured), rose-hip powder. Stamped with mica. Net Wt. 4.0 oz. (113 g).  Most bars will weigh close to 4.8 oz.  We list 4.0 oz. as a minimum.

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