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  • (N7) Sudsy Cargo Soap made with Indian Pale Ale


    Sudsy Cargo Soap is made with locally crafted Indian Pale Ale and is a limited edition soap.  The scented is created with the essential oils of Himalayan cedar, bergamot, juniper berry, coriander and a hint of vetiver that complements the hoppy scent of a citrus-woodsy ale.  Using Ale in soap gives a bar more lather without drying your skin. Hops are skin loving as well.


    Locally crafted IPA, Olive oil, sustainable organic palm oil, coconut oil, food grade sodium hydroxide (lye), macadamia oil, castor oil, kaolin clay, bergamot essential oil, Himalayan cedar essential oil, juniper berry essential oil, coriander essential oil, vetiver, and cocoa powder. NET WT. 4.0 oz. (113g). Most bars will weigh close to 4.8 oz. We list 4.0 oz. as a minimum.

    Production photos: