Adventure & Discovery in Fine Soap!
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    The Story:

    The sea captain's love lived by the harbor in a quirky little house with a small garden just beyond the dunes.  She was quite skilled at capturing scent from herbs and flowers that she grew.  When she wasn't in her garden, she walked the beach, always with her eyes toward the sea for the hope of the sight of her beloved's tall wooden ship.  Her gift to her brave captain on his departure was the lavender soap that she created with her own hands.  The captain just had to wet the soap to be reminded of her beauty, strength, and talent.

    Lavender Blue Soap is a swirled soap with a creamy lather.


    Olive oil, organic sustainable palm oil, distilled water, coconut oil, food grade sodium hydroxide (lye), avocado oil, castor oil, lavendin Grosso essential oil, kaolin white clay, colloidal oatmeal and ultramarine and oxides for color. NET WT. 4.0 oz (113g).  Most bars will weigh close to 4.8 oz. We list 4.0 oz. as a minimum.

    Production photos: